About Overseas delivery

About delivery method

Our products are delivered by EMS(Express Mail Service).

About shipping fee

Shipping fee is shown after you fill out address in checkout page, shipping fee varies depending on order details and delivery destination.

About estimated arrival date for products

We will deliver products within 7 work days after ordered.

* You will get notification email for delivery after finished preparing for it.

* In case you order multiple products, some products may be delivered another days even if they are ordered at same time.

* We will contact you in case ordered products are not be available because of out of stock.

* Specific products may be delay above estimated arrival date, In that case we will inform you with each product page.

About confirmation of delivery status

You can see status with notification email for delivery.

* There may be time lag for updating latest information on web site of delivery company.

* If notification email of delivery is not sent to you passing estimated arrival date, contact secretariat.

About direct delivered products from producing area

In case you order several direct delivered products from producing area, shipping fee will be charged each of them.

* Direct delivered products from producing area can't be bind as one luggage.